Feedback Surveys in Healthcare - Full-Service for Informed Decision Making

Involve patientsto enhance service quality.
Value employees through meaningful patient satisfaction and feedback
Use results for open external communication.

Informed decision making is possible with a systematic and comprehensive overview of patient-centered quality metrics (preferences, ratings, and recommendations).

Likemedi's service is designed for healthcare providers who understand the value of patient-centered feedback and satisfaction and engagement in enhancing quality.

Full-service includes:

Additionally, we can provide additional analyses, consult on interpreting the results, and offer ideas for quality improvement changes.


Leave the feedback collection, inputting, analysis, and communication material creation to us! We will help create the questionnaire, provide advice on interpreting the results, and, if necessary, compile additional analyses and consultations.

Riina Hallik
Riina Hallik, CEO

Riina is the co-founder of the company, with additional degrees in nursing and economics, two master's degrees - specializing in healthcare economics, policy, and management from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, and in healthcare technology (cum laude) from Taltech. Riina has over 12 years of experience as a healthcare analyst.

Richard Jalakas
Richard Jalakas, Chief Analyst

In addition to his studies in physiotherapy, health technology, and business management, Richard has completed the EIT Health StarShip Innovation Fellowship program. He has experience in providing physiotherapy services, developing e-health applications, and managing IT development projects.

Karl Düüna
Karl Düüna, Technology Manager and Developer

Karl has completed his master's degree in cybersecurity (cum laude) from TTÜ. He has over 10 years of experience in web development and project management with various technologies. He has also published the book "Secure your Node.js Web Application - keep the attackers out and users happy." Karl ensures the development, testing, and overall security and smoothness of Likemedi's web application.

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